Wappenbild Zizzo


from Hamilton, Ontario/Canada

Shield: Argent a pile embowed ending in a cinquefoil azure overlapped and counterchanged by a pile embowed reversed ending in a cross gules dexter two five-pointed stars palewise vert and sinister three hearts in chevron couched sinister gules.
Crest: On a wreath gules-argent-azure-argent a maple leaf argent issuing from a closed book palewise gules with clasps argent.
Mantling: Gules-argent-azure-argent.

Führungsberechtigt sind/ The following are entitled to bear this coat of arms:

Steven Vincent Zizzo, physician, * Hamilton 1 Jun 1979, his wife Emily Auburn Tarpos, registered nurse, * Hamilton 7 Sep 1982, his legitimate descendants of both sexes and in turn their legitimate descendants, in so far as they bear the surname Zizzo.

Erstellt von/ Created by PRO HERALDICA®, Clemens L. Kech
Eingereicht von/ Submitted by PRO HERALDICAPRO HERALDICA®, Stuttgart.
Eingetragen unter Nr./ Registration no 19144

Stammreihe/ line of ancestors

Charles Zizzo
* Racalmuto,Sicily/Italy 1.28.1886
† Hamilton, Ontario/Canada 6.28.1959
Angelo Zizzo
* Hamilton 3.11.1913
† 6.21.2006
Butcher, property manager
∞ mit / to Angela Scime
* Hamilton 7.22.1920
† 3.20.1999
Richard Allen Zizzo
* Hamilton 4.9.1951
∞ mit / to Karen Vincent
deren Kinder:
* Quebec City, Quebec/Canada 3.19.1953
Teacher, author
Steven Vincent Zizzo
* Hamilton 6.1.1979
Physician, medical director, professor
∞ mit / to Emily Auburn Tarpos
deren Kinder:
* Hamilton 9.7.1982
Registered nurse, office manager
Jackson Thomas Richard Zizzo
* Hamilton 3.6.2015
Matthew Christopher Angelo Zizzo
* Hamilton 6.26.2016
Michael Joseph Thomas Zizzo
* Hamilton 4.2.2018
Laura Lynn Zizzo
* Hamilton 11.5.1981
Ryan Richard Zizzo
* Hamilton 1.12.1985

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